“Forgotten First Loves”: Untold Stories of Hollywood Stars’ Former Spouses

The chosen ones for some reason were not taken into the stellar life.

The personal lives of dazzling male stars are always in the audience’s spotlight. However smooth or turbulent the family routine of actors and musicians may be, many of them have first wives whom the public has never heard of, and former husbands who may have long been forgotten. What do we know about these women?

Ana Leza – the first wife of Antonio Banderas

Actress Ana Leza was already a star in the Spanish film industry when she met Antonio Banderas. Although not from Hollywood, her career was impressive enough for Antonio. When they married in 1987, Ana actively took on the promotion of her husband. Thanks to her connections, he met leading directors and, a few years later, received an invitation to Hollywood. There, Antonio started a romance with Melanie Griffith. In 1996, he divorced Ana and a year later married Melanie.

Now Ana Leza lives in Madrid. She acts in TV series, hosts television shows, and produces media projects.

Rachel Parker – the first wife of Patrick Dempsey

Recently, People magazine named Patrick Dempsey the most desirable man of the year, so it’s not surprising that the number of the actor’s fans, already substantial, sharply increased. Patrick has been happily married for over 20 years, but few know about his first marriage. Dempsey first married at the age of 21. His chosen one was 48-year-old Rachel Parker, who was his agent and the mother of his best friend.

After seven years, they divorced, each going their separate ways.

Talia Balsam – the first wife of George Clooney

Before marrying the beautiful lawyer Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney was considered Hollywood’s most persistent and confirmed bachelor. Many fans were sure he had never been married, and certainly had never heard of Talia Balsam. However, George and Talia tied the knot in Las Vegas in 1989, long before Clooney became a star. Their union lasted three years.

Now, at 64, Talia acts in movies and TV series, but she is far from the fame of her ex-husband.

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