“She’s Very Cunning”: Brad Pitt is Convinced Angelina Jolie Coerced Son into Insulting Him

Brad Pitt, it turns out, holds onto grudges even after years. Recently, an insider told In Touch Weekly that the actor can’t forgive his son with Jolie for a post written three years ago.

The publication appeared on Father’s Day, where Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt called Brad a “world-class jerk.” The post also included lines like, “You repeatedly prove that you are a horrible and despicable person.”

According to the insider close to the Hollywood star, “the scathing and pompous speech cut Brad to the core.” He also revealed that Pitt believes it was Angelina Jolie who was behind their son’s sharp words on social media. “It seems like she’s trying to turn the children against him—and has succeeded with the older ones,” conveyed the source’s opinion on Pitt.

“Brad will never underestimate the power of Angelina’s cunning nature,” the insider commented, adding, “Brad suspects that Pax wouldn’t have posted this without Angie’s knowledge and approval.”

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