Jennifer Lopez Shines in FROLOV: A Sneak Peek at Her Stunning Wedding Look in ‘This Is Me…Now’

Jennifer Lopez is the latest global star to don attire from Ukrainian designer FROLOV. The singer will be seen in a dress from his brand in the new film “This Is Me…Now.”

Wedding and Revealing

“This Is Me…Now” is a new musical film starring Jennifer Lopez, with the script co-written by the singer herself and her husband, actor Ben Affleck.

In this love-themed film, audiences will have the opportunity to hear new songs from the singer and witness an incredible wedding look from the Ukrainian brand FROLOV.

For her wedding attire in the film, Jennifer Lopez chose a dress with heart-shaped cutouts on the stomach and legs. The same dress was presented by FROLOV at London Fashion Week this year.

Previously, Beyoncé has worn costumes from designer Ivan Frolov, along with singer Rita Ora and the Italian group Maneskin.

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