“Fans Criticize Beyoncé’s New Look”: Beyoncé’s Bold Hairstyle Sparks Kim Kardashian Comparisons

Fans did not appreciate the singer’s hairstyle.

Singer Beyoncé appeared in a vibrant look at the premiere of her film “Tour Renaissance.” She wore a sparkling dress created by Donatella Versace. The star completed the look with platinum locks.

Versace himself stated that Beyoncé looks stunning. However, fans had a different opinion. The singer’s fans raised alarm, considering that she is acquiring more and more resemblance to Kim Kardashian.

“For a moment, I thought it was Kim K.,” wrote one fan in the comments on the celebrity’s blog post. Others agreed with his opinion. Someone noted that lately “literally everyone” looks like Kardashian.

However, only some fans reacted sarcastically to Beyoncé’s new look. Many admired her beauty, calling her a “queen.”

Blond is back in trend. Not long ago, Rihanna surprised fans with a new look. The star appeared in public with a caramel shade of hair, much lighter than the colors she usually chooses. Fans concluded that being a blonde suits Rihanna as well, noting that this shade seems like a return to the 2000s.

Later, Kim Kardashian also revealed her new hair color. However, her fans criticized the change, believing that this shade does not suit the reality TV star.

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