77-Year-Old Cher Visits One of Germany’s Largest TV Channels and Performs Her New Hit

Less than a month remains until the winter holidays. Celebrities are participating in numerous Christmas and New Year concerts and TV shows. The 77-year-old American singer Cher visited one of the largest German TV channels and performed her new hit.

Cher in Germany

Fans of the artist noted that the renowned singer looked as youthful as when she took the stage during the Wetten dass TV show in Offenburg. The 77-year-old singer wore glamorous black trousers with silver mirrored disks, a black jacket with sequins over a semi-transparent black lace top.

Cher opted for monochrome platform shoes, and on stage, she was joined by several dancers in sparkling costumes.

The performance with a Christmas song took place after it became known that Cher is rewriting her own memoirs after ceasing to write about certain parts of her life.

The star was less than enthusiastic when asked about her upcoming autobiography. Cher admitted that publishers forced her to recall unpleasant and painful fragments of her life to attract readers’ attention.

“I’ve lived too long and done too much, so it has to become an encyclopedia,” Cher noted the day before.

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