Twilight’s Jacob Actor and Wife Taylor Dome Celebrate First Wedding Anniversary

The actor who played Jacob in “Twilight,” along with his wife, Taylor Dome (who shares the same name), celebrated their first anniversary on Saturday, November 11. The husband and wife shared thoughts on their life together, stating that “communication is the key to everything.”

“Tay and I have very different communication styles,” Tay said in an interview with People. “So when we enter into… I don’t even want to say ‘argument’ because we don’t really argue. We discuss differences in conversation, although my husband knows I can be silent. At that moment, Taylor deals with his emotions, and I deal with mine.

It’s frustrating because I want to talk about everything right here and right now and be done with it. And I want to know her feelings. I know she’s upset, and I tell her, ‘Just tell me.’ But she goes silent; she needs to take a step back to process, think, and realize what exactly she feels. So once we figured out our different communication styles, talking became much easier.

Despite many warning the couple that their first year of marriage would be challenging, Taylor and Tay were surprised to find that the difficulties turned out to be easily overcome.

Many family people warned us, ‘The first year of marriage. You know, it’s the toughest.’ And we’re like, ‘Really? Okay.’

Tay continues:

“We chuckle. We’re like, ‘When is that going to happen? We’re just waiting.’

And her husband confirms the familial bliss:

I hope it’s not like a slow burnout or anything like that, Taylor said. So far, everything is going pretty smoothly.

Tay, formerly known as Doum, and her husband are now full namesakes. The couple was introduced by Taylor Lautner’s sister, Makena. For the past few years, the pair has been living by the ocean in California in a large house, leading a low-profile life away from the press.

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