48-Year-Old Eva Longoria Radically Transforms Her Image

Eva has never been afraid of bold experiments. She resembles her on-screen character from the popular series “Desperate Housewives.” Longoria effortlessly changes her image, demonstrating to everyone how stylish one can look in the most ordinary things.

Fans are used to seeing Eva with long hair, so it was a shock for them when she decided on such an extremely short haircut.

In 2016, the renowned actress got married. This was her third marriage. This time, she became the wife of an entrepreneur. Judging by her photos and always beautiful appearance, she has finally found true female happiness. The couple has been together for 7 years, and they also have a little son who is now five years old.

That’s why the actress’s blog is filled with many happy family photos. At the same time, Eva remains true to herself – she occasionally delights fans with revealing photos that repeatedly showcase her stunning figure, despite her quite respectable age. Let’s remind, the actress is already 48 years old.

As fans of the actress note, Eva has not changed a bit since the beginning of her career in the famous series. On the contrary, with each passing year, she becomes more attractive and beautiful. This time, when she changed her hairstyle, fans showered her with pleasant compliments.

Eva Longoria opted for a classic bob without bangs. For her public appearance, the actress styled her hair with the tips turned inward, thus emphasizing her perfect face shape. In addition, the star chose a gorgeous outfit consisting of black flared trousers, a jacket, and a shiny blouse.

Longoria continues to delight her fans with a magnificent appearance, and her images become trends time after time, with every lady trying to replicate her stylish and fashionable image.

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