Kim Cattrall Sparkles in Balmain Mini Dress at Harper’s Bazaar Awards Ceremony

The 67-year-old actress, who shone in a Balmain mini dress at the Harper’s Bazaar “Woman of the Year-2023” award ceremony, arrived at the event with her boyfriend Russell Thomas.

Despite her mature age, Kim shows no signs of aging. She continues to take care of her figure and looks stunning. The actress’s life is still thriving.

The star not only continues to act in movies and TV series but also writes books and performs in theater.

Recently, she attended an important event and once again showcased herself in the best light. For the award, Kim chose a magnificent mini dress that shimmered with golden sparkles. The main accent in the outfit was on the voluminous shoulders, and this detail made her even taller and more attractive.

Cattrall complemented the look with round black and gold earrings to match, a black leather clutch, and black high-heeled shoes. Thomas wore an elegant classic black suit with a black bowtie.

Fans of the actress appreciated her outfit. Some were very surprised by the length of the dress; after all, age imposes certain restrictions. However, this rule certainly does not apply to the actress. Everything suits her, and even overly seductive outfits highlight her otherworldly beauty.

Kim stays true to herself and continues to build not only her career but also her personal life. The actress has been married three times, yet she has never become a mother. She claims to be truly child-free, so she will never want to have children, and her age now prevents her from experiencing the joy of motherhood.

Cattrall earned her popularity on the most famous series, “Sex and the City.” Last year, she was invited to participate in the sequel, but she declined. In the end, the star set certain conditions and took part in the final episode, appearing on the screen for only a few seconds.

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