Robert De Niro’s Former Assistant Wins $1.2 Million in Damages Amid Harassment Allegations

On the eve of her 41st birthday, Chase Robinson, who had been an assistant to actor Robert De Niro, accused him of regular humiliation. As a result, she successfully pursued legal action, compelling the film star’s company to pay her a substantial financial compensation.

Robert De Niro is going through tough times. Chase Robinson accused Robert De Niro of harsh treatment, sexism, gender discrimination, and retaliation, leading to her losing her job. The defendant in this case was Canal Pictures, owned by the 80-year-old actor.

The federal court in Manhattan, New York, concluded the review of the scandalous case involving the legendary actor. After five hours of deliberation, the verdict was reached by a jury consisting of four women and three men.

The former assistant to the artist was awarded two identical payments for damages, amounting to $632,000 each. In total, she received over $1.2 million. This amount is equivalent to four years’ worth of salary for the time she spent unemployed.

After leaving De Niro, the woman applied for 600 job positions, but she was not accepted anywhere. Chase suspects that this was a retaliation from her former employer, who refused to provide her with recommendation letters. Robert will also have to cover substantial legal costs for his former assistant.

Interestingly, De Niro counter-sued Robinson for six million dollars for the misuse of company funds, specifically for airline miles. However, the court found her not responsible for these allegations. Despite the former assistant initially demanding 12 million from the star, she expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision.

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