Megan Fox Unveils Stunning Transformation with Short Hair and Bold Color Change

Actress Megan Fox amazed with a new look. The star has changed her image: she cut her hair short and changed the color.

Megan Fox Alters Appearance

The 37-year-old Megan, who recently showcased long dark locks for Halloween, is now giving interviews to promote her book with a red bob haircut. Megan has been experimenting with different looks since the mid-2000s. The actress revealed that her biggest regrets include over-plucking her eyebrows and excessive sunbathing.

“It wasn’t spray tan,” she told Allure about her tan in her younger years. “When I used to tan, it was real, and it’s scary because I naturally have fair skin.”

Megan openly talked about her insecurities and struggle with body dysmorphia. The star denied any involvement of plastic surgeons in altering her appearance.

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