Fans Discover 1981 Ad with Actress Who Looks Like Taylor Swift

Fans of the 33-year-old American pop star Taylor Swift have discovered a promotional video for the “Glamour Gals” doll collection released in 1981. The model who appeared in the advertisement, representing these dolls, bears a striking resemblance to the beloved singer, Taylor Swift. This has sparked incredible excitement among the artist’s fans, and they are sharing their emotions on social media.

As it turns out, the actress in the promotional video is Tony Hudson, who is now 62 years old. Tony was known at the time and appeared in various TV shows and even starred in the 1985 movie “Just One of the Guys,” among other projects.

This discovery has given rise to jokes, with internet users suggesting that Swift might be a “time traveler.” Although Taylor was born after the advertisement was released, this unexpected connection between a past actress and the contemporary singer is pleasantly surprising to people.

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