Actress Sophie Turner Sparks Romance Rumors After Divorce from Joe Jonas

In early September, it became known that Sophie Turner is getting a divorce from her husband, Joe Jonas, after 4 years of marriage. The couple has two daughters, over whose custody the former lovers couldn’t agree for some time. Despite the hopes of their fans, the ex-spouses have indicated that they have made a final decision and do not plan to save their marriage. Recently, Sophie Turner sparked rumors of a new romance.

The actress was spotted on a date with 29-year-old British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson. The couple spent time in Paris, where they tried to avoid paparazzi and were seen kissing. Eyewitnesses shared:

“They arrived at the meeting place in different cars. It seems like both of them flew in from London. They stood for a few minutes, talked a lot, and laughed. Then he took off his hat and leaned in to kiss her. After the kiss, they went their separate ways.”

To remind you, Sophie Turner was in a relationship with musician Joe Jonas for about 7 years. The couple exchanged engagement rings in 2019 in a spontaneous wedding in Las Vegas. In 2020, they had their first daughter, and two years later, their second. After the divorce, the stars decided to share custody of the children equally, with the girls spending time with their parents in turns.

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