Stars Who Look Great for Their Age

Teri Hatcher – 58 years old

The star of the series “Desperate Housewives,” over the years in the film industry, has learned to choose projects wisely and take care of herself. Unfortunately, due to her difficult personality, her colleagues on the set did not come to love her. Teri Hatcher was known for her eccentric behavior even in her younger years, and this played a role in her future. In her filmography, there are no noteworthy or interesting projects after the end of the series. Nevertheless, she continues to captivate her fans with her beauty and freshness.

Dana Delany – 67 years old

The red-haired beauty Dana Delany was one of those whom young girls looked up to in the 90s. The actress took care of herself and always looked stunning. In 2007, Dana joined the main cast of the drama series “Desperate Housewives,” playing the role of Katherine Mayfair. But three years later, Delany left the project to focus on another show, “Body of Proof.” The detective series ran for three years and concluded in 2013.

Currently, the actress, while trying to appear in films, does so much less frequently.

Ornella Muti – 68 years old

The real name of the actress is Francesca Romana Rivelli. However, she had to adopt a stage name to avoid confusion with another actress. This happened thanks to the director of the film “The Most Beautiful Wife,” Damiano Damiani, who insisted that the 15-year-old actress take the stage name Ornella Muti. Interestingly, the new name was not to the liking of the young girl, but over time, she managed to develop a love for it as the stage name brought her success.

In 2016, she surprised Russian viewers with her appearance in the music video of popular singer Alexander Revva – “Like Chelentano.”

Meryl Streep – 74 years old

When the actress began to see the first signs of aging, she embraced it with irony. While some sought rejuvenation, Meryl embraced a new version of herself. This decision turned out to be right, as many women, watching the actress, try to follow her example. Streep has a diverse range of roles in her career, and listing them could take quite some time. With each passing year, the number of her fans increases, as new audiences get to know her and admire her ability to transform into very different characters.

Susan Sarandon – 77 years old

In 1975, a young aspiring actress appeared in the film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Her participation in the film contributed to the development of Susan’s career, and she began to appear in other projects. In 1983, Sarandon appeared in the film “The Hunger” alongside legends David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve. Despite the obvious success of the film, the actress remained unnoticed for a long time. But everything changed after the release of “The Witches of Eastwick” and “Bull Durham.” By the 90s, Susan Sarandon regularly appeared in various films. In a few years, she became one of the most famous and sought-after actresses in Hollywood.

Helen Mirren – 78 years old

In the last century, many actors began their careers in theater productions. Helen Mirren devoted several years of her life to the stage before making her film debut. Starting in the late 70s, she appeared in projects such as “Caligula,” “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover,” and others. Helen Mirren gained widespread recognition for her ability to portray the grandeur of various queens effortlessly.

Jane Fonda – 85 years old

It’s amazing how quickly time passes. Jane Fonda has passed her ninth decade and still looks remarkably youthful for her age. The credit for this goes to her alone. The actress has paid special attention to her appearance since her debut in the film industry. A young woman not only took care of her facial skin but also diligently trained. This led to the expected results. Today, Jane Fonda continues to look younger than her years and appears in films. From 2015 to 2022, she starred in the comedy series “Grace and Frankie.”

Maggie Smith – 88 years old

Professor McGonagall is now 88 years old. During her work on the “Harry Potter” film series, she fell seriously ill but fortunately managed to overcome the severe illness. Although the actress had notable roles in her career before entering the world of Harry Potter, it was her role as Professor McGonagall that made Maggie Smith famous worldwide. According to Smith, the most pleasant part is that after the release of the films about the boy who lived, children started recognizing her on the streets, not just adults.

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