Paris Hilton Releases Her Own Line of Pink Kitchen Accessories

The 42-year-old socialite Paris Hilton was clearly inspired by the global hype around the Barbie movie and released her own line of kitchen accessories, all in pink.

The famous celebrity has many interests. She is a model, actress, DJ, and TV host. She also loves to cook and even has her own cooking show where she cooks with other celebrities.

In her show, Hilton always looks glamorous. She believes that everything should be beautiful, even when doing household tasks. That’s why she decided to create her own line of kitchen accessories that look cool.

“I noticed that kitchenware is usually quite simple and boring. I wanted to create products that bring joy,” Paris told Elle Decor magazine.

The entire collection, consisting of more than 20 products, is made in pink. Obviously, Paris Hilton was inspired by the Barbie movie. From the heart-shaped cutting board to a set of knives adorned with Paris’s emblem, everything looks very glamorous.


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Paris also pointed out that to make the cooking process enjoyable, you should not only use her cookware but also dress nicely, do your hair and makeup before cooking. And when chopping onions, you can use sunglasses to avoid crying and look stylish.

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