Madonna Reclaims the Top Title in the Guinness World Records Book

Madonna continues to rule the world of pop music, as the Guinness World Records book has once again affirmed her massive title.

On Wednesday, the British book giant once again named the 65-year-old singer “the best-selling female artist of all time.” According to the numbers, the star earned the title after selling over 400 million records over her 40-year career.

The Queen of Pop has held this record since 2009. She is followed by Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé.

Earlier this month, she began her holiday tour with 78 shows, which will conclude in April 2024.

Her first stop was in London, where she performed to a packed house. Madonna’s other concerts as part of her world tour will take her from Europe to North America.

It is known that the artist is already in negotiations to open a music festival at Glastonbury next year. Her team is already preparing a “cult set” for the prestigious event.

Fans of the singer were very surprised by the news that she faces a fine of £300,000.

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