Julia Fox Claims Kim Kardashian Ended Her Romance with Kanye West

The romance between Julia Fox and Kanye West made a lot of noise at the time, even though it lasted less than two months. The stars separated in 2022. Now, the supermodel has revealed new details about the breakup with the musician. According to her, Kanye West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, told him that Julia had issues with prohibited substances. Fox admitted that she had spoken about Kanye’s addiction and also publicly discussed her struggle with the condition.

The model described the situation in her memoirs. She confessed that she parted ways with West immediately after her 32nd birthday in February 2022. During the party, Kanye appeared distant and preoccupied. It was at this event that the rapper gifted Birkin bags to Julia and her friends, making them pose for cameras and act surprised. This convinced the model that it was a “publicity stunt.” Fox recalled their last conversation:

“He called me and said he had talked to his ex-wife. Kanye noted that he had learned a lot of new information about me. He claimed that I was a drug addict and spoke as if I had deceived him. I reminded him that I had talked about my issues. I advised him to listen to others more. I remember shouting loudly at that moment.”

“I didn’t let him hear me cry, so I hung up and told my publicist to inform the press that we had ended our relationship.”

Recently, Julia Fox debunked rumors that she was taking weight loss medications. Fans had speculated that she managed to lose weight quickly thanks to “Ozempic,” a medication intended for diabetics. The model emphasized that she would never take this medication without a valid prescription.

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