Beyoncé’s Mother Reveals She May Soon Join her Artist-Daughter

Recently, Beyoncé completed the first part of her Renaissance tour, which has become the highest-grossing tour in history and has helped the artist earn over 500 million dollars. It is expected that the superstar may soon announce the continuation of the tour, which will be scheduled for 2024.

As part of her concerts, Beyoncé performed alongside professional dancers and has often invited her 11-year-old eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, to join her on stage. And just recently, the mother of the star shared that she may also join the artist on stage in the near future, so that three generations of the famous family will perform before the audience.

Tina Knowles revealed in a recent interview that her eldest granddaughter has repeatedly offered her to join the performances on stage with Beyoncé:

“Blue constantly tells me, ‘Grandma, you should get on stage.’ And I tell her, ‘When will I have time to prepare and practice?’ Blue learned all the choreography in a week, and I will definitely need more time.”

Beyoncé’s mother added that she is considering the possibility of joining her daughter during the tour:

“I am still thinking about agreeing. Maybe at least once.”

To remind you, Renaissance became Beyoncé’s first solo tour since 2016.

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