77-Year-Old Hollywood Actress Goldie Hawn Shares Strange Encounter with Aliens

The 77-year-old Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn may have had a close encounter with extraterrestrial beings. She claims that an alien once touched her.

The actress and mother of Kate Hudson recently appeared on Apple Fitness Audio Time To Walk, and in a recent episode, Goldie talked about her encounter with aliens.

She asserts that instead of stumbling upon little green men, she actually invited the aliens to visit her, and they did.

Goldie recounted that the incident happened when she was 20 years old, while living in California, during a time when there were “a lot of UFO sightings.”

“I stepped outside, sat on a small ledge, and looked at the dark sky. I saw all those stars. And all I could think was, ‘Are we the only planet in the vast universe with life?'” she said.

Goldie really wanted to meet aliens, and her wish came true. Just four months later, she was taking a nap in her friend’s car while working as a dancer and heard “high frequencies” in her ear. She claims she then saw three “triangular-shaped heads” of a silvery color with “small noses,” no ears, and a “slit instead of a mouth.” The aliens were pointing at her and discussing her.

Goldie says she couldn’t move, but the aliens touched her, and it felt like a divine touch.

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