The Beatles to Present Their Final Track Created with Artificial Intelligence

More than 50 years after the legendary band The Beatles disbanded, the surviving members of the group have announced the release of their final song. All four of the legendary musicians participated in the creation of the composition, despite the fact that John Lennon and George Harrison passed away many years ago.

The composition is based on a demo recording made by John Lennon back in the 1970s. It circulated for many years on bootlegs – unofficial, “pirate” records. In the mid-1990s, the remaining three members of The Beatles attempted to work on the composition as part of the Anthology project. They never completed the project, but George Harrison managed to record guitar parts for the song.

However, last year, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr completed work on “Now And Then” using the most modern technologies. Through the use of artificial intelligence, they were able to clean up John Lennon’s voice, which was recorded on an old cassette.

The new song will be released on Thursday, November 2. The release of “Now And Then” will be preceded by a documentary film about the creation of this composition, which will premiere on Wednesday, November 1.

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