Brigitte Bardot: The Iconic Actress Who Chose a Different Path

Brigitte Bardot is a famous actress from the past century. Her name is associated with beauty, elegance, and success. She is a French actress and didn’t need to go to Hollywood to achieve fame.

These days, there are many movies being made, but it’s nice to go back in time and see how things were done on movie sets in the past. Back then, actresses acted, scriptwriters wrote scripts, and directors didn’t worry about political correctness. Sometimes, too much political correctness can harm both the film industry and science. There don’t seem to be any iconic movies nowadays because they focus on making something shallow.

There are no actresses today who can be compared to the legends of the past decades. In the 1990s, movies reached their peak, and since then, they have been gradually declining. If someone wants to challenge my statement, I recommend watching movies like “La Vérité” and “Contempt.” Brigitte Bardot starred in both, and I’d also recommend “If Don Juan Were a Woman,” which features Jane Birkin, another favorite of mine. But after filming, Brigitte said that if this film wasn’t her last, it would definitely be her second-to-last. She kept her word.

In 1973, she acted in the film “The Edifying and Joyful Story of Colinot,” and she hasn’t appeared on movie sets since. It means that Brigitte has been living a regular life for nearly half a century. On one hand, she’s a legend, but on the other hand, she was fined five times for inciting ethnic hatred. She doesn’t like migrants and prefers animals. In fact, she has been involved with animals for the past five decades. She also has negative views not only about migrants but also about people with non-traditional orientations. And, of course, she doesn’t like Macron.

Her example is unique because, despite being at the height of fame and having the potential for a continuing career, she simply left the film industry. She was only 39 years old at the time of her last film. That means she had many years of work ahead in theory, but in practice, she chose a different life.

In her autobiography, she later mentioned that the film industry took away the best years of her life. An interesting observation, isn’t it? But the legendary actress went even further. She honestly admitted that she only acted for money, not out of love for art. According to her, real life was always beyond the movie set, and that’s where she ultimately chose to be.

However, I must make one observation here. Before leaving the film industry, she had not only appeared in dozens of films but also became one of the iconic actresses of the century. Of course, initially, her departure from the industry was seen as a whim, and she was offered huge fees to return. However, it seems that by the time she turned forty, Brigitte understood something that couldn’t be measured by money. She made a decision and stuck with it. No one saw her in movies again.

Nonetheless, the roles she had were enough to spend a few evenings watching. She is considered a legend in the film industry for a reason, and I recommend getting acquainted with her films for educational purposes. That’s my recommendation.

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