Harry Potter Star Emma Watson Decides to Change Profession and Enrolls at Oxford

33-year-old British actress Emma Watson has surprised her fans. The “Harry Potter” star has decided to enroll in Oxford University for a course in creative writing, which is geared towards older individuals. After a four-year absence from the film industry and her involvement in a Hollywood screenwriters’ strike, Watson has chosen to take a break from her acting career and explore the world of literature.

Following two years of education, including two retreats guided by an instructor and one research internship, Emma will be prepared to shine in the world of literature, on par with J.K. Rowling. However, this level of preparation will come at a cost of around 200,000 pounds, as reported by The Sun.

This Oxford program allows students to acquire knowledge online, and they only need to come to the alma mater in person for examinations, which occur only four to five times a year.

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Furthermore, the university staff has been informed of Emma Watson’s enrollment in the course, and security personnel will accompany her during her classes. This additional security became necessary after a recent incident where a stalker named Chad Michael Busto attempted to enter her dressing room during New York Fashion Week. Busto was arrested following the incident, and he had previously stalked another television star, Drew Barrymore.

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