Famous Singer Selena Gomez Makes Guest Appearance on ‘Music + Health’ Show

A few days ago, the famous singer Selena Gomez appeared as a guest on the show “Music + Health.” For this event, the star chose one of the trendiest looks of the past few months.

She was dubbed the “Barbie Queen” for her appearance. The star donned a fabulous pink pantsuit and accentuated her bust with a fashionable corset. It’s worth noting that the blazer was oversized in style, but this fact didn’t detract from Gomez’s look at all.

In addition to the Barbie-colored suit, the artist also complemented her look with elegant stiletto heels and accessories from Tiffany & Co.

It’s worth mentioning that not long ago, Selena changed her stylist, and now fans of the star are ready to worship her new staff member. She now works with Erin Walsh, who also manages to create fashionable looks for Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway.

To fully accentuate the stylish suit, the stylists decided to pull Selena’s hair into a ponytail, and they opted for a light makeup look that perfectly highlighted the star’s beautiful eyes.

Fans were thrilled with their beloved idol’s look. It turns out that pink suits Selena’s tanned complexion very well. She literally attracted attention, and her entire image conveyed her understanding of fashion trends.

Recently, Selena celebrated her 31st birthday. The star strongly urged her fans and friends not to give her any gifts but instead suggested they make donations to her foundation.

Selena Gomez is one of the most popular, sought-after, and beloved stars. Fans adore her for her openness, honesty, and sincerity. Despite personal setbacks, Selena remains a cheerful and beautiful woman who brings a little more warmth to the world.

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