Beauty Secrets from Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has admitted to having beauty injections. She shared this revelation with her fans on Instagram.

Paltrow’s Beauty Secret

According to Paltrow, she had undergone a Botox procedure. The Oscar winner wrote, “Oh, yes. Scared the bejeezus out of me, but it was successful as well as not.” When asked how her skin looks so good, she mentioned that she takes meticulous care of her skin.

For many years, the star has been open to questions about skincare and aging.

“In the past, I never said I wouldn’t get plastic or cosmetic surgery because I think it’s important to be honest about the fact that we all change as we age,” the Iron Man star once said.


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While she currently doesn’t get Botox, Gwyneth admitted to having had a different injectable treatment.

“I never want to look younger or unlike myself. When I turned 40, I had a mid-life crisis, and I got injections all over my face, and it was terrible. I looked awful – one eye was higher than the other – and that was definitely a big mistake, although fortunately, it was temporary,” Paltrow recalled.

In a conversation with Vogue earlier this year, Gwyneth also talked about her skincare routine and preferred procedures.

“I really love facial massages, lymphatic drainage, and muscle work, as opposed to lasers. I’m a little scared of using lasers on the face, and I’ve seen strange results on some people. It seems risky,” the actress said.

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