Shakira’s New Music Video Breaks Records Online (Video)

The 46-year-old Colombian singer Shakira has delighted her fans with a new music video for the song “El Jefe,” which was recorded as a duet with the American-Mexican group “Fuerza Regida.” The musical experiment was successful, as the video garnered 7 million views on YouTube in just 19 hours and made it to the “Popular” section among songs.

In Shakira’s previous compositions, such as “Ciega, Sordomuda” and “Te Espero Sentada,” elements of Mexican music were used, but “El Jefe” is the first full-fledged song in the style characteristic of “Fuerza Regida.” By the way, this genre, along with Latin American music, is extremely popular, not only in the United States but also worldwide.

By the way, the rhythmic track is about the desire to break free from the usual routine job and instead work for oneself.

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