Al Pacino’s Lover, Noor Alfallah, Returns to Her Ex Boyfriend

In September 2023, there was news in the media that Al Pacino and his 26-year-old lover had separated three months after the birth of their child.

The 83-year-old Al Pacino became the oldest father of multiple children in Hollywood. He had a son with his 26-year-old lover on June 6th. However, the couple separated three months after the birth of their son. Al Pacino even requested a DNA test, which confirmed his paternity. Only after this did the actor sign the documents for parental rights. It seems that he does not want any more children. Moreover, he did not have any special relationship with Noor Alfallah.

Noor Alfallah met Pacino shortly before the pandemic. She found her way into his heart through his 22-year-old daughter, Olivia. Noor and Olivia were inseparable, and Noor, known as a “hunter of wealthy older men,” practically lived in the star’s mansion, even during lockdowns. As soon as the lockdowns ended, the relationship between Pacino and Alfallah gradually faded. But then a child came into the picture. Perfect timing!

After the baby was born, the couple finally parted ways, although it could hardly be called a relationship. They are currently in the midst of a legal battle, with Noor seeking full custody of their son. At the same time, she is rebuilding her personal life. She was spotted at a Sting concert in Los Angeles with a 62-year-old billionaire whom Noor had split up with in February 2020, just before meeting Al Pacino, according to the Daily Mail.

The woman is a film producer and a big fan of celebrities of a certain age. Before Alfredo, she dated Mick Jagger (79 years old), Clint Eastwood (who turned 93 on May 31), and billionaire Nicolas Berggruen (61 years old). Compared to Eastwood, Al Pacino is still a relatively young lover.

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