Leonardo DiCaprio Introduced Vittoria Ceretti to His Mother During Their Joint Trip to Milan

Not long ago, news broke about a new romance involving Leonardo DiCaprio. The Hollywood actor’s chosen partner is the 25-year-old model Vittoria Ceretti, who had recently separated from her husband. The couple prefers to keep their relationship low-profile and evade paparazzi, but photographers manage to catch glimpses of them on dates nevertheless. Recently, it was revealed that Leonardo DiCaprio is taking his relationship with the model seriously. The actor introduced Vittoria Ceretti to his mother during a joint trip to Milan.

It is known that DiCaprio, his mother, and the model spent time at an art gallery in the center of Milan and then went to a restaurant. Close friends of the couple have shared that the actor and the model regularly spend time together and are eager to get to know each other better.

Recall that the first rumors about the romance between the 48-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio and 25-year-old Vittoria Ceretti surfaced back in May when the couple went on dates in Cannes during the film festival. Since then, they have been regularly seen together at exclusive social events.

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