“Selena Gomez’s Struggles and Resilience”: Battling Lupus, Body Shaming, and Finding Strength

Selena Gomez had a tough time when she was getting treatment for lupus. It wasn’t just because of the physical pain, but also because people on social media criticized her for gaining weight due to the medication she had to take for her illness. In 2018, when pictures of her in a bikini were taken by paparazzi, some people on social media called her overweight.

Selena responded to these hurtful comments by talking about how society is too focused on looking perfect. She said that women are often made to feel bad about themselves and are always trying to meet impossible standards of beauty. She wrote this in the caption of an Instagram post in March 2018. She also mentioned that she was taking care of herself for her own well-being, not to prove anything to anyone.

But in the latest episode of the Apple TV+ show “Dear..,” Selena admitted that these mean comments on social media did bother her. She revealed that she was upset about being criticized for gaining weight because of her lupus. She would go online, post pictures of herself, and say that the negative comments didn’t affect her. But in reality, she was crying because she didn’t think anyone deserved to hear hurtful things about their appearance.

Selena also talked about her kidney transplant in 2017, which her best friend Francia Raisa gave her. She said she was incredibly grateful to Francia for not hesitating to be a donor. She even got a tattoo to mark the date of the transplant. She believes that going through this experience was important for her to be able to help others.

Recently, Selena took a break from social media but returned this week. She asked people to be kind and considerate of others’ mental health and shared that her heart was heavy, and she wished the best for everyone.

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