Actors Who Were Literally Ousted from the Film Industry But Made Every Effort to Make a Successful Comeback

In modern cinema, there is a huge number of actors, and some of them are even talented. However, talent does not guarantee a permanent place in the film industry. Some actors are simply ousted.

Some of them due to scandals created by outspoken activists. And others engage in various controversial actions on their own, only to realize with surprise that no one wants to work with them anymore.

What unites both groups is that none of them want to be left behind. They are all trying their best to get back into the film industry. Here are some notable examples of actors who were literally pushed out of the industry but made efforts to make a successful comeback.

Kevin Spacey:

One of the leading actors of the ’90s managed to maintain his relevance until recent times, until he faced allegations from activists who accused him of various wrongdoings. The case went to court because some less prominent actors accused Spacey of past misconduct.

What made this case unique was that the accusers were not young actresses but 15 male actors. Due to these allegations, Spacey’s career plummeted. He was fired from everywhere, and new roles stopped coming his way. Legal battles lasted for several years, and ultimately, the actor was completely acquitted.

Suddenly, no evidence was found, and one after another, the witnesses were caught lying. Just a month ago, all charges against Kevin Spacey were dropped, and he announced his intention to return to the big screen, but not in “dirty” Hollywood, rather in European cinema.

Gina Carano:

A similar story happened to rising Hollywood star Gina Carano. She was also targeted by left-leaning activists. Carano had never hidden her political views and was highly skeptical of liberal propaganda.

Once on her social media, she even compared these activists to Nazi supporters. The actress posted a vivid image where a crowd of people enthusiastically greeted the sun, but only one of them had their hands down.

Strangely enough, activists understood the analogy and attacked Carano all over the internet. They bombarded Disney, with which Carano had a long-term contract, with complaints. As a result, the company, which promotes “strong and independent women,” fired a strong and independent woman for her views.

Oddly, after this incident, no major studio wanted to work with the actress anymore. However, she found support among like-minded individuals who were also tired of pervasive liberal agendas and other aspects of the local democratic party. Now Carano plans to create her own film studio.

Shia LaBeouf:

If the previous two actors suffered due to the artificial trend of tolerance, inclusivity, and whatnot, this endlessly colorful character ruined things for himself. LaBeouf was in high demand as an actor from a young age and managed to play in dozens of good films.

However, something went terribly wrong after his teenage years. The actor became overly self-aware, acquired some harmful habits, and began to consider himself a counterculturalist and a nonconformist.

He repeatedly embarrassed his colleagues with his strange behavior and words in public. For instance, he once showed up at the premiere of his film wearing a tuxedo and… a paper bag over his head. The inscription on the bag read, “I am not famous anymore.”

Producers didn’t tolerate the antics of a troublesome actor for long and sent him packing. Soon, LaBeouf was left without work altogether. When he realized that big-budget films were no longer coming his way and he still needed to make a living, he quickly changed his worldview. Now he is doing everything he can to get back into mainstream cinema, starting from the bottom with art-house projects.

Lindsay Lohan:

This actress nearly replicated the creative journey of the previous case. Like LaBeouf, Lindsay Lohan became famous at a very young age and was extremely wealthy. Even as a minor, her bank account was quite impressive. However, when she turned 18, she went all out.

Substances, legal violations, arrests, rehab at a mental health clinic – all this a once-famous actress went through in just a few years. As the icing on the cake, she completely squandered her fortune.

After a decade-long struggle with addiction, she began making tentative attempts to return to the big screen. However, she didn’t have much success until something happened.

Last year, the actress successfully married a very influential foreign businessman. It was he who helped Lohan return to mainstream cinema by signing a contract with Netflix. Who paid whom is not disclosed.

Josh Hartnett:

One of the most sought-after and popular actors of the early 2000s disappeared from the cinema as quickly as he had risen to stardom. It all came down to his arrogance, but let’s go through it step by step.

At the beginning of his career, Hartnett became a favorite of many influential directors. He received star roles from all sides and regularly appeared alongside top-tier stars. Soon, he became a star himself and was fully aware of it.

At some point, he was overtaken by stardom. Hartnett no longer accepted simple roles in ordinary films. Moreover, he even turned down Christopher Nolan’s offer to play in his Batman trilogy. This was the final straw for many in the film industry.

Hartnett was suddenly declared persona non grata and stopped receiving any role offers. For about a year, he pretended everything was fine. But then he began to suspect something. Ten years later, the actor himself knocked on studio doors, seeking any role. Recently, studios have started giving him small roles as he is, after all, a talented actor.

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