Natalie Portman Appears in Public with Husband Following Divorce Rumors

Lately, all the public attention has been focused on the 42-year-old actress Natalie Portman. Earlier this summer, there were reports in the media that the husband of the movie star, French choreographer Benjamin Millepied, had cheated on her with a 25-year-old dancer. Since then, there have been rumors of divorce and reconciliation in the press.

Despite the unfortunate situation, Natalie and her unfaithful husband continue to be parents. Over their 11 years of marriage, they have had two children together. It was with their children that Portman and Millepied were photographed on a recent outing.

In the new pictures from their walk, the spouses kept their distance from each other. Interestingly, neither of them was wearing wedding rings.

Reporters from the Daily Mail noticed that Natalie and Benjamin looked tense and did not get close to each other. However, they made every effort to create a friendly atmosphere for their children.

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