Sophia Loren: Interesting Facts from the Actress’s Life

89-year-old Sophia Loren is the last living star of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Millions of fans still admire her style and appearance. Let’s take a look at how the famous Italian actress looked in different stages of her life, from her youth to the present day.

Due to her tall stature and slim figure, Sophia Loren was often referred to as a “beanpole.” She grew up with her mother and sister in very modest conditions. Sometimes, she had to sell things on the street just to earn some money.

“There was hunger, and at any moment, we could have not made it. Besides, my father left the family early,” the actress recalled.

In these photos, you can see the future Italian star in her childhood and as a teenager. Indeed, Sophia was very slender. In the photo on the right, Loren is only 7 years old, taken in 1941.

And in these pictures, Sophia Loren is 16-18 years old. Everything started to change for the young beauty when she took second place in the “Miss Italy” contest in 1950. Especially for Sophia, the jury established the “Miss Elegance” prize. Success was tangible: Sophia, her mother, and sister were able to leave their tiny fishing village and move to Rome.

It was only in the capital that she could hope to continue her career. In the same year, Loren got her first film role and appeared in various movies until 1953 when she gained attention for her first major role in the film “Aida.”

Soon, Sophia met producer Carlo Ponti, who became her husband. Of course, her brilliant career wouldn’t have been possible without him. By the late 1950s, Loren had become a worldwide star.

In those years and in the early 1960s, she received one leading role after another in films like “The Black Orchid,” “Under the Olive Tree,” “It Started in Naples,” and “Marriage Italian Style.”

In 1968 and 1972, Sophia Loren welcomed her long-awaited sons. It can only be described as a miracle after so many unsuccessful attempts! The role of a mother became the most important for the actress.

Of course, she continued to act in films. On screen, we saw the mature beauty of Sophia Loren, who was approaching her 40s.

But since the late 1970s, the actress appeared less frequently in movies. In the 1980s, she appeared in only a couple of films, even though she had not yet turned 50. Sophia spent more and more time in her cozy mansion, where she loved gardening. She also published an autobiographical book.

In the 1990s, Sophia Loren mainly enjoyed the fruits of her popularity. She appeared in films very rarely but regularly walked the red carpets. In 1991, she received an Oscar as the “Treasure of World Cinema.”

Later, Sophia received a Golden Globe and a prize from the Venice Film Festival. With time, she did not lose her status as a diva.

Today, at the age of 89, Sophia Loren is a true legend. In 2020, she appeared in a film directed by her son, “The Life Ahead,” and regularly attends events, becoming a prominent figure in high society. You can only envy the love for life that Loren possesses:

“If you have favorite activities, you simply don’t have time to think, ‘What if I’m not here tomorrow?’ No! I do many wonderful things: watch movies, work, read, go to church. And simply breathe.”

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