Stunning and Striking Fashion Moments at the 80th Venice Film Festival 2023

The Venice Film Festival is considered one of the most prestigious events that plays a significant role in promoting culture and art. It has been held annually since 1932. Thanks to this festival, actors, directors, and other creative individuals can come together, discuss their work, and share current ideas and experiences.

In 2023, the 80th edition of the festival took place, distinguished not only by film premieres but also by the fashionable looks of the stars that managed to capture the attention of guests and the press. Some of them serve as examples of impeccable taste, while others raise questions and bewilderment.

Model Maria Carla Boscono

The model captured everyone’s attention with a red corset dress with a hood from Dolce & Gabbana.

Actress Milla Jovovich

Actress Kate Beckinsale

You can never have too much gold.

Singer Leona Lewis

Singer Rita Ora

The singer decided to shock those present at the festival with an ambiguous “naked” outfit by Stefan Rollan.

Actress Camila Mendes in an interestingly cut dress

Actress, producer, and blogger Polina Pushkareva

Actress and model Leila Depina

TV presenter Mikela Persico

Model Toni Garrn in a strapless chainmail dress

Actress Isabelle Huppert

Isabelle Huppert wore a dress with silver fringe from Balenciaga. Some internet users dubbed it a costume for a children’s morning performance. Is such a verdict fair?

Actress Emma Corrin and a strange outfit with underwear

Actress Milena Smith

The Spanish actress opted for a gothic sheath dress with a heart-shaped neckline and long gloves. Classic but looks quite unusual.

Model Kasia Smutniak

Actress Caterina Murino

Model and blogger Leoni Hanne showcased vibrant looks

The celebrity’s first appearance was memorable with a dress with a golden corset top. The second was a maxi dress with a “mermaid” tail.

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