What Jocelyn Wildenstein looked like before plastic surgeries

Jocelyn used to have a very attractive appearance

Whenever he hear or read the name “Catwoman” we immediately think about the attractive comics heroine. However, the woman that we are going to talk about today, doesn’t look like the comics heroine at all.

Jocelyn Wildenstein was born in 1940 in Switzerland. According to her family and friends, Jocelyn used to have a very attractive appearance.

Her attractiveness let her be quite successful with men. Jocelyn used to work for a rich gentleman most of her life and one day decided to find him. Then she found a man working in the field of cinema.

The man was happy to introduce his beautiful girlfriend to his friends and colleagues. Over time Jocelyn got completely lost in the world of glamour. Although she was a real beauty, Jocelyn still wanted to change something on her appearance.


This was the start of her complete transformation.

Surely such changes do not go without plastic surgeries and procedures. She started with braces, although she didn’t really need that. However, sometimes a person’s body refuses to accept any kind of plastic interventions, and Jocelyn became a victim of poor transformations.

Jocelyn needed to somehow avoid criticism and mockery, so she started calling herself a new “Catwoman”. However, neither herself, nor anyone else admired her new look.

In the future, Jocelyn tried to improve her condition, but her every attempt only worsened everything. Now she herself admits that she has done a childish and rather stupid thing․

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