After a Two-Month Romance, ‘Ghostbusters’ Star Splits from Singer 30 Years Younger

After a two-month romance, actor Bill Murray and singer Kelis have parted ways. The artist was 30 years younger than her chosen one.

A Star-Studded Breakup
The initiative to end the relationship with the 72-year-old star of “Ghostbusters” came from Kelis. However, the breakup was amicable, according to insiders: “Kelis and Bill loved each other very much, but things took their course. Both of them have busy schedules, and after a passionate romance, the couple decided to go their separate ways.”

According to an insider, “they hope to remain friends but also plan to continue their lives separately.”

It is reported that the romance began after the death of the singer’s second husband, Mike Mora, who tragically passed away from stomach cancer in March 2022.

“Whatever brought them together, they are both single and enjoying themselves, despite a significant age difference,” an anonymous source told the media.

Bill, divorced since 2008, recently lost his second ex-wife, Jennifer Butler, to cancer in 2021, a year before Mike died of cancer, and the couple bonded in their grief.

Although Bill and Jennifer were not together for years, they reportedly maintained a connection until her death.

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