“The Family Resemblance”: What Does Julia Roberts’ Sister Look Like?

Many people know about Julia Roberts, the famous actress. But did you know she has a brother named Eric and a sister named Lisa? Let’s talk about Julia’s relationship with her siblings.

When Julia was just 17, she left her hometown in Georgia and moved to New York. Her sister Lisa was already living there, studying at a drama school. Lisa didn’t hesitate to let Julia stay with her. Julia often thinks of her sister Lisa when she thinks about kindness.

At 19, Lisa had her own responsibilities, but when Julia asked to move in with her, Lisa didn’t hesitate to say yes. Time has passed since then, and both sisters now have their own families and homes. Interestingly, they even bought apartments in the same building! Lisa is married to actor Tony Gillan.

Apart from Lisa, Julia, and Eric, there’s another part of their family story. They had a half-sister from their mother named Nancy Motes. Sadly, Nancy passed away in 2014 at the age of 37 due to a drug overdose, which was classified as suicide. In her suicide note, Nancy blamed Julia for her depression.

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