80-Year-Old Grandmother Overjoyed as Makeover Takes Her Back 20 Years

Makeup artist Gohar Avetisyan worked her magic on her 80-year-old grandmother and completely changed how she looked.

The grandmother hadn’t been to a beauty salon in a long time and had not taken care of her appearance. Her hair was gray, and her skin was not well-maintained, showing her age.

After Gohar did her makeover, the grandmother felt extremely happy and even cried tears of joy when she saw her new appearance in the mirror.

People on the internet praised Gohar for her amazing skills and kind heart. Some expressed their love and appreciation, while others were amazed at the incredible transformation that made the grandmother look much younger.

The photos also made some people wonder why some individuals stop taking care of their appearance as they get older.

What did you think of the woman’s transformation?

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