Concerning Photos of Tori Spelling in a Wheelchair with Bruises Alarm Fans

Tori Spelling became famous from the TV show Beverly Hills, 90210. She made a lot of money and was born into a wealthy family. But a few years ago, she said she had no money left.

She spent it on having fun and parties. After her TV show ended, she didn’t get many acting jobs, and she had surgery to change her appearance, which made it harder for her to find work.

Recently, her husband Dean McDermott said they are getting a divorce after being married for 18 years.

They have five children. Now, Tori, who doesn’t have much money, lives in a trailer with her kids.

Some days ago, photographers saw her in the hospital. She looked really sick, was in a wheelchair, had bruises on her face, and was using an oxygen tank. Fans are worried about her.

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