“He Always Preferred Plus-Sized Women”: Parents Were Taken Aback When They Met Their Son’s Future Bride

Amalia, despite weighing over 660 lbs, found love and married a handsome man who appreciates her for who she is. She firmly believes that society plays a significant role in shaping our beauty standards from a very young age.

Their paths crossed while they were both immersed in an online game. The man, who has a preference for plus-sized individuals, fell head over heels for Amalia. However, his parents held differing opinions. In fact, his father distanced himself from the couple upon meeting Amalia.

The man’s mother, on the other hand, held onto the hope that he might change his mind about their relationship later on.

Opinions on their union are diverse. Some well-wishers send them their best wishes and firmly believe that appearances should not dictate one’s happiness.

Others, however, ponder practical considerations such as the challenges they might face, particularly in regards to childbirth.

Nonetheless, many people find their love story truly remarkable and offer their unwavering support to the couple.

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