Salma Hayek Celebrates Unbreakable Friendships with Penelope Cruz and Zoe Saldana

The famous movie star talked about how much she values her close friendships. Salma Hayek expressed her gratitude to Penelope Cruz and Zoe Saldana for their trust and love.

Salma Hayek wants to make it clear that the idea of having no friends in the entertainment industry is not true.

Her strong friendship with Penelope Cruz proves that idea wrong. They also share another friend, Zoe Saldana.

Recently, Hayek shared a heartwarming photo with her friends. In the picture, Zoe, Salma, and Penelope are hugging each other warmly and smiling. They’re wearing different outfits – Zoe in a simple black dress, Penelope in a bright red T-shirt, and Salma in a white romantic outfit.

The actress captioned the photo with words about love, trust, opportunities, and everlasting friendship.

Fans loved seeing their touching friendship and praised the strong bond between these friends. This year, Salma and Penelope attended the Met Gala together, and Salma shared funny pictures of their time getting ready.


Salma was in black silk pajamas, and Penelope wore a floral shirt and high-waisted jeans. They shared laughs and smiles while preparing for the event.

Salma and Penelope became close friends after working together more than 20 years ago on the movie “Bandidas.”

Both of them have achieved great success in their careers. Salma, who is 56 years old and from Mexico, was the first person from her country to be nominated for a major film award. Penelope, who is 49 years old and comes from a regular family, was the first Spanish woman to win an Oscar.

Salma Hayek is happily married to a French businessman named Francois Henri-Pinot. They got married in 2009 and have a 15-year-old daughter named Valentina.

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