“A Love That Found Its Home in a Cave”: Liang Zifu and Li Suyin’s Enduring Journey

Approximately six decades ago, there was a Chinese couple named Liang Zifu and Li Suyin. Their early years of marriage were marked by financial hardships, making it impossible for them to afford a proper house or apartment.

Unable to purchase a home or even pay rent, they embarked on an extraordinary journey – they decided to fashion a dwelling within a cave. Just picture it: a cozy abode nestled within the heart of a cave. They ingeniously transformed various sections of the cave into functional rooms, complete with spaces for sleeping, cooking, and quality time together.

With time, they even ventured into farming, raising chickens, pigs, and cultivating an assortment of fruits and vegetables. It truly became their own little world.

As their family grew, their children were born right there in the cave. Over time, as their children matured, they left for the city to seek their fortunes. However, Liang and Li opted to remain in the cave that had become their sanctuary.

What’s even more remarkable is that when word of this couple and their cave dwelling spread throughout their province, generous offers of a proper city apartment came pouring in.

The apartment was conveniently located near where their children now resided. Yet, to everyone’s surprise, the 86-year-old husband and his 81-year-old wife declined the offers. They explained that they had grown accustomed to their cave life over the many years they had spent there.

They cherished the tranquility and serenity that their cave home had provided and had no desire to leave the place where their enduring love story had unfolded.

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