“The Breakup and New Love”: Vincent Cassel’s New Relationship with Malika Lubek

Recently, people have been talking about Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunaka breaking up. Tina, who is very close to Vincent, seemed very sad about it and cried a lot. But Vincent didn’t stay single for long. He has a new girlfriend, and they were seen together on a vacation. They held hands, kissed, and didn’t hide their feelings.

People quickly found out that Vincent’s new girlfriend is named Malika Lubek. She came to France for her studies, and interestingly, she is from a small country in East Africa called Djibouti. Her mom has an important job in Djibouti’s government, and her dad is an engineer. Malika is impressive because she has three college degrees.

While she was in France, Malika was noticed by someone and asked to model for them. She became a top model quickly.

This isn’t surprising because she is incredibly beautiful with dark skin and delicate features. Malika is only 28 years old, but she is very beautiful in every way.

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