Hulk Hogan Proposes to Girlfriend Skye Daly: A Look at Their Love Story

Hulk Hogan, a famous actor known for “Cool Walker,” recently proposed to his girlfriend, Skye Daly, who is 24 years younger than him. He popped the question during a speech at her wedding, on her birthday. Hulk was dressed in his usual bandana and a black T-shirt, while Skye wore a nice silk top.

Hulk thanked his friends for introducing him to Skye and shared how they met. They started talking after their first meeting, and he eventually asked her out. They began dating in early 2022, shortly after Hulk’s breakup with Jennifer McDaniel. Hulk even bought Jennifer a new car during their divorce.)

In February 2022, Hulk was seen with Skye at a Bret Michaels concert, making it clear to fans that he was no longer married to Jennifer. This will be Hulk Hogan’s third marriage. His first marriage lasted from 1983 to 2009, and his second from 2010 to 2021. He has two children from his first marriage, Brooke (35) and Nick (32). Skye Daly, 45, is also divorced and has three kids.

Hulk and Skye prefer to keep their relationship private, with Hulk rarely posting pictures of her on social media, and Skye’s page is private. However, in June, Hulk shared a beach photo with Skye, expressing how happy he is with her and how she feels like she’s always been a part of his life.

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