Dolph Lundgren Finds Love Again with 27-year-old Emma Crockdal

For a few years, the famous actor Dolph Lundgren was married to a designer named Anette Quiberg. They have two daughters together named Ida and Greta.

They lived together for a long time, but unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2011. This led the actor to start a new chapter in his life.

Now, he’s ready to start a new relationship with a younger partner. Since early 2020, the actor has been dating Emma Crockdal, who is 27 years old, which happens to be the same age as his daughters. Emma is a fitness coach, and despite the age difference, it doesn’t bother the couple at all.

While the actor’s friends and colleagues are genuinely happy for him, some fans have made jokes about the situation.

However, the couple is still very much in love and openly express their feelings for each other.

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