Madonna Celebrates Son Rocco’s 22nd Birthday with Family and Friends

Madonna brought joy to her social media followers by sharing a photo from her son Rocco’s belated 22nd birthday celebration, which took place on August 11th. In the photos, Madonna, a jubilant mother, is seen sitting at the table, embracing her eldest son from her previous marriage to director Guy Ritchie. They are seen raising champagne glasses in celebration.

In the background of some of the pictures, you can catch glimpses of Madonna’s youngest children, Cifundo, and twins Stella and Esther Ciccone. However, noticeably absent from the photos are her daughter Lourdes and son David Banda, who may have joined in the celebrations at a later date. The Sicilian event seems to have hosted at least 16 guests, as evidenced by the beautifully set long table. For Rocco’s birthday, he was treated to an unconventional cake shaped like a brown briefcase, adorned with his initials “RC.”

Madonna opted for a silk dress with a delicate floral print for her son’s birthday, a departure from her usual experiments with corsets and latex, presenting a gentler image this time. Her son, on the other hand, wore gray pants and a light blue shirt, casually unbuttoned at the chest.

Observant fans quickly noticed the striking resemblance between Rocco and his father, as echoed in the comments. Rocco’s uncanny likeness to his dad prompted admirers to shower him with compliments on his birthday, expressing admiration for his appearance.

Born in 2000 to Madonna and director Guy Ritchie, Rocco faced challenges in his upbringing when his parents divorced in 2008. Their strained relationship led him to run away from his mother’s home and live with his father, expressing discontent with her controlling behavior. Rocco’s rebellious phase included an arrest at the age of 16 for possession and use of illegal substances.

In 2015, Madonna engaged in a custody battle with her ex-husband over their son, initially losing. However, the determined singer managed to rebuild her relationship with Rocco over the past five years, demonstrating her commitment to reconnecting with her son.

Following in the footsteps of many celebrity children, Rocco pursued a creative career path. He explored painting and successfully sold his artworks for substantial sums. Additionally, he ventured into modeling work, posing for The Rake magazine at the age of 20, showcasing vintage-themed photographs.

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