Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham’s Stylish Transformation and Beauty Secrets

Ashley Graham, a well-known plus-size model, often impresses her fans with her stylish looks. Despite her curvy body, she maintains a slim face and highlights her full figure.

Recently, on February 13, Ashley attended an event in New York and surprised everyone with her slimmer appearance. She wore a tight skirt and a fitted turtleneck, showing off her firm body. Despite weighing 90 kg and being 175 cm tall, she looks athletic and not saggy.

Even though Ashley had twins just a year ago, she’s still a successful plus-size model. In fact, some say she looks even leaner than when she started her career. Having children can make life dynamic, and Ashley continues to break stereotypes by showcasing the beauty of full-figured women.

Many of Ashley’s fans wonder why her face looks slim despite her curvy body. It’s because of her body shape – she’s a classic “pear,” and pears often have oval faces. Additionally, Ashley uses vacuum cup massages to help reduce extra fat from her face.

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