“The new Monica Bellucci”: Stunning model showed off her photos, making everyone fall in love with her

Blogger Milena Rasalia has been hailed as the new Monica Bellucci due to her refined facial features. Numerous online commentators praise her beauty, considering Milena’s attractiveness to be a work of art in itself.

However, there are some skeptics within the online community who wonder if Milena’s stunning beauty is a gift from nature.

“Let her wash her face, then we will appreciate her beauty” – detractors of her beauty don’t hold back. “She is perfect.”

“It’s like she’s painted,” “The new Monica Bellucci,” “Very beautiful, I can’t take my eyes off these photos,” “Astounding face,”

“Perfection itself,” “A work of art” – I’ve read the enthusiastic comments under the young beauty’s photograph. What do you think of Rasalia’s photos? Let’s discuss what we saw in the comments.

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