“Strong criticism about a dress”: Julianne Moore left everyone speechless with her appearance

The Oscar-winning actress was invited to an awards event, and the audience’s attention was drawn to her dress. According to them, it was impossible to pass by such beauty.

Julianne Moore was wearing a long white dress and carrying a golden handbag. Everyone’s attention was particularly drawn to the revealing neckline. Subtle makeup and pulled-back hair accentuated the actress’s lovely facial features.

Dedicated fans left very positive comments. They said the dress was chosen perfectly, it fit her very well, the dress highlighted her beautiful figure, and so on.

Many people were surprised when they learned that the actress is 61 years old: “She looks so young!”, “How can you be so beautiful at this age?”, “It’s incredible. Surely she’s not over 40.”

As expected, detractors also appeared. Not everyone liked Moore’s dress. They emphasized that at this age, you should choose elegant but covered dresses. “Don’t you find the dress too low-cut?” “Provocative image,” “It would be nice to have some modesty at this age,” “The designers forgot how old she is.”

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