“Charming and All Grown Up”: Cindy Crawford’s Son Captures Hearts, Including His Mom’s Fans

Carrying on the Crawford Legacy with Style

Supermodel Cindy Crawford celebrated her 54th birthday on February twentieth. As a mother of two, Kaia and Presley, she has passed down her stunning looks to her children, who are already making waves in the fashion industry. Recently, the proud mom shared a photograph of her beloved offspring, capturing the hearts of Crawford’s fans.

Comments like, “God, what a hottie,” “He didn’t stand a chance, with such a wonderful mom, let him try to have a different look,” and “Presley is great,” flooded the post.

Many admirers remarked, “Mama’s copy,” “I wish to be your daughter-in-law,” and “Mama’s genes did their job,” praising Presley’s handsome looks. Some called him a “stately handsome man” while others held a more reserved opinion, stating, “I think the headlines in the press are a bit exaggerated. He’s just a regular guy.”

Amidst the adoration, there were dissenting voices too. One comment read, “Who would have wanted him if not for his famous mom?” and another said, “Let’s call things by their proper names: an ordinary man, there are many times more handsome men out there.”

It’s interesting to hear different perspectives on this matter. Beauty is subjective, and while some see Presley’s resemblance to his mother as a great advantage, others consider him an ordinary person despite his famous lineage.

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