“I Wouldn’t Eat At All If I Were Them”: How Celebrities Would Look if They Suddenly Gained Weight

Some of them are known for their picture-perfect physiques

Today, we have assembled a fascinating collection of several renowned people who have made a significant impact on the world stage. Some of them are known for their picture-perfect physiques, but let’s imagine what it would be like if they were to unexpectedly gain some weight.

Using a unique application, we can play around with their photos. Let’s delve into the results and see what they reveal!

Enrique Iglesias

Britney Spears

Celine Dion


Christina Aguilera

Justin Timberlake

Billie Eilish

Jennifer Lopez

What are your thoughts on this celebrity makeover? Do you agree that being overweight doesn’t suit them? Share your opinion in the comments!

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