“He Has Dropped 20 Years”: Brad Pitt made a public appearance looking incredibly young

Brad Pitt delighted his fans with a public appearance on the French Riviera

The renowned actor starred in a commercial for De’Longhi, an Italian company specializing in home appliances, particularly espresso machines.

Interestingly, Brad Pitt himself admits to being a huge fan of good coffee. He was joined by actress Karina Byot in the commercial.

Fans were thrilled to see the actor in the advertisement, where he looked stunning in an “all-white” ensemble. He exuded style with a snow-white shirt casually unbuttoned, paired with matching trousers, and completed the look with elegant moccasins, adding to his charm. People couldn’t help but marvel at the 59-year-old actor’s ageless appearance.

In the commercial, Brad Pitt seemed to have reversed time, resembling his character from “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” by appearing 20 years younger. His newfound beauty sparked joy across the internet.

It’s worth mentioning that Brad Pitt is currently involved in a film project centered around Formula 1. He not only plays the leading role but also serves as the producer of the movie.

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