“Causing Distress”: Angelina Jolie’s Children Look Ungroomed and Unhappy

What is going on in their lives?

It has been some time since Angelina Jolie was last seen in public with her kids. However, this time, paparazzi managed to capture rare footage of the actress and her children. Jolie was spotted taking walks with her older kids: Zahara, Pax, and Shiloh. As expected, these photos quickly spread across the internet. However, the pictures elicited mixed reactions from users.

Many observers pointed out that the children appeared uncared for and unkempt. Moreover, they seemed visibly unhappy and downcast. Some people noticed that Zahara had gained weight, while Shiloh had returned to a more boyish style.

In contrast to the actress, who looked stunning in her outfit, the children appeared like they belonged to a different world. Pax, in particular, often appeared sad.

Many speculated that the ongoing conflict between Angelina and Brad Pitt was responsible. Currently, Angelina is raising the children on her own, as Pitt is not even allowed to see them.

The legal battle has been going on for more than a year, and unfortunately, it’s taking a toll on the children.

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